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Mike Simens – CEO – Mr. Chicken Restaurant Chain
We are a multimillion dollar, 48 year old family owned and operated business. Before I started working with Garry, I often felt trapped by the business, working long hours, doing little better than breakeven and we just weren’t attracting the quality of employees we needed. We were consumed day to day and were not thinking strategically at all.
Now we have our heads up, looking down the road, working on our business instead of in our business and we are experiencing growth in sales and profitability. We have identified the key employees and put them in the best roles to help the business while we are attracting new higher caliber employees to do the same.
The biggest impact has been on my stress level and my outlook on the business as well as my life. I no longer feel as if the business is an anchor, but an asset that will help my family reach our goals. I would recommend that any business person that wants to grow or become more profitable, while strategically planning for the future, should work with Garry Kishbaugh. 
Dave Zuber – President – Zuber Gardner
Garry Kishbaugh has helped our customers generate cash flow that allowed them to fund a comfortable lifestyle for their families. ActionCOACH’s philosophy teaches businesses to assimilate into the cultural tendencies of their customers to expand and attract more business. Working with one of our customers, they were able to improve their retained earnings by more than $2 million dollars with-in a two year period. Garry has helped our clients make more money and build better organization skills, while simultaneously reducing the numbers of hours they worked. I strongly recommend  that all of our clients work with Garry.
Michelle Panik – CEO – MSI Inc.
As a business owner in my 11th year I was confident that I had my business team in place. I had the answers, the business vendors, i.e. accountant, attorney, payroll company, etc.  I had hands on experience in all aspects of my business and when I didn’t have the answers,  I would reach out to anyone that I felt could mentor, or give guidance whether it be another business owner, an industry associate, competition or my Husband.
I realized my company needed more.  My first point of business was to  work on my company core values, mission statement,  goals and visions, and for this I retained a business coach.  This coach effectively helped me to achieve these tasks.  During this time I was also introduced to another coach, Garry Kishbaugh.  Garry came highly recommended from one of my clients. Not certain that I wanted to continue a coaching path and I was reluctant to meet but agreed to.  
Meeting Garry I knew I needed to retain his coaching services.   In a systematic way, we are going through the 6 Steps to improve my business which is giving me more understanding, confidence and assurance for the growth and development of my business.  Changes have all been positive!  Garry is engaging, thought provoking, intuitive, disciplined, encouraging and experienced.  His book of life lessons and  common sense approach is helping me in my processes and he has instilled in me that everything can be tested and measured.  
My business is improving, my thoughts and actions are changing and my company is adding more structure and increasing revenues.  I am owe the success regarding changes to the coaching I receive from Garry and am fortunate to have him as part of my team.


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